Do the Groundwork for Your New Construction Project

Count on us for foundation excavation in Montville & Belmont, ME

Before you pour the foundation for your new building, you need to make sure the site is properly excavated. Holt Landworks handles foundation excavation so you can start building on a stable base. We'll dig out the space you need for your new foundation.

Our excavation services are great for:

New construction projects
Building home additions
Placing septic systems
Creating ballfields, pastures and parking areas
Laying out paths and roadways
Digging trenches for utility lines

Plan a foundation excavation today in Montville or Belmont, ME.

Dig trenches around your property for proper drainage

Dig trenches around your property for proper drainage

You don't want water pooling in your yard every time it rains. But with our trenching services, you won't have to worry about it. We'll dig trenches and drains wherever you need them to allow proper drainage on your land.

Talk to an excavation contractor today about the trenching services available in Montville or Belmont, ME.